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Privacy Policy for Infact

Infact is hereby stating about its Privacy Policy for the user of Infact across the Globe. This policy can also be known as a valid. All the terms stated in the Agreement of SERVICE and USE ( and at other pages of website and links ( have been settled between Infact and user with their full consent. The user has also gone through the terms of Agreement of Service and Use and has understood the same and agrees with the same.

“Privacy Policy”: – is the private policy of the Infact, which the user can accept or deny. If the user accepts it, it will be considered that the user has gone through the averments of this policy and has accepted the same without any doubt or confusion and he/she is bound to the terms of user agreement. This policy and user agreement cannot be accepted or denied partly by the user. This privacy policy will be referred as policy hereinafter.

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The only purpose of Infact is to inform its users through this privacy about the use throughout the world. The details given as under: –

Since this policy is written in simple English language and Infact has no liability to translate into the any particular/specific language of user and while going through this policy and while accepting the terms of Agreement of Service and Use, it will be believed that the user has accepted the terms of this policy and said agreement after going through the same in his/her own language/vernacular.

All the services hereinafter provided are being provided by the Infact without any type of consideration. No consideration in any manner will be charged from the user. If at any time, the Infact thinks about charging of any existing service or newly launched service, it will not be charged without the consent of user. In such situation, every user will have right to choose any services either paid or free before availing the same. The services being provided to the user are as: –

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Learn everyday something new and share your knowledge with everyone.This privacy is subject to the Indian Law.

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