Terms of use

Agreement of SERVICE and USE

The present deed is an agreement between the ‘USER’ user of services provided by the Infact as mentioned in the policy page and Infact. This deed will be known as ‘Agreement’ hereinafter.

Using the Infact services and by submitting the information on the information page of Infact as also stated in the policy, the user hereby acknowledge that he/she has read, understood and agree to be bound by this Agreement. This Agreement is a legal agreement between the user and Infact and all the terms stated hereunder apply to the user. If the user does not agree with this Agreement, the user is adviced not to accept this agreement and not to use the Infact Service in any manner.

Infact has provided the policy for the user of its application at website link http://infactapp.co/privacy-policy/. Please read it carefully before using the Infact services. With the use of Infact services, the user agree to the terms and conditions of said Policy and affirm that he/she has understood the same and accepted the same as correct.

Since this agreement is written in simple English language, so, the Infact has no liability to translate into the any particular/specific language of user and while accepting the terms of this agreement, it will be believed that the user has accepted the terms of this agreement after going through it in his/her own language/vernacular.

The Infact at its sole discretion may change the terms of this agreement at any time and after making change in any clause of the agreement or the entire agreement, the changed clause/s will be posted on the site and application. The use of Infact services will deemed to be acceptance of said terms by the user without any objection. No separate consent is required for that purpose. The user will not raise any dispute regarding the change of any term of this agreement, however, the user can request the Infact to re-consider the view of change of any term or can stop using the services of Infact. The Infact encourage its users to check the policies of Infact on the Applications or Site regularly and frequently.

The services of the Infact are free to the users, so, every user will use the same without claiming it as a matter of right and cannot claim any benefit, if occurs to the Infact from the use of Infact services by the user.

User understands and agrees that this Agreement is entered into without any consideration. Whenever, the Infact decides to charge from its users anything for all or any services being provided by it, the same will be informed by the Infact to the users on its site and application with 15 days prior notice.

Infact may change, add or remove features and functionality of its services without notice of the user. Infact reserves the right to discontinue its some or all of the features either temporarily or permanently. The user is hereby agreed that that Infact shall not be liable to the user or to third party for any change, discontinuance of its services either temporarily or permanently. In case of non-satisfaction of user, he/she may at his/her sole discretion to discontinue or terminate the use of the Infact service as described herein.

To use the Infact services, the user is strictly bound to provide the information as required by the Infact and it is made clear upon the user that every information provided by him/her will be deemed as correct information. The user is responsible for providing false information to the Infact and Infact then can take any action against such user. In case of false or incomplete information provided by the user, the Infact apart from taking action can also blocked the services of said user and the user will be responsible for the losses and expenses, if occurred to the Infact due to providing false information to it.

The user has agreed that he/she will comply with all the codes of conduct, policies or other notices provided by the Infact. The user is also agreed that he/she will comply with all the laws, rules and regulations in connection with use of Infact services and will not never violates such laws, rules or regulations.

User is agreed that Infact will not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage incurred due to use of Infact services by the use or access to any third party content on or through the Infact services.

Infact has given the spaces/access to the advertisement agency on its apps, applications, software etc. Said agency has assured the Infact that it will work as per the law of state. Posting, deleting, hiding the advertisements or promotions of any product or company on the applications, websites and its allied tools or services are not in the control of Infact. Neither Infact will be held responsible for the posting of any advertisement on its apps etc. nor it can be held liable towards the user for posting the same nor will the user take any action or step before any public, private, judicial, Govt. or Semi-Govt. or NGO regarding the posting of any advertisement as stated here.

The user will not make any effort to alter the software or application or any other process of Infact in any manner nor will he try to injure the Infact or its software etc. by virus or by any other manner, with which the software etc of the Infact may suffer problem or error of any type.

The user will never claim any royalty or benefit of any type from the Infact due to use of Infact services or increase of its users or the income, if any earned by the Infact from its service in any manner.

The parties to this agreement may terminate this agreement at any time. Said Termination does not include the violation of terms by the user, but only means the un-installation of the application of software of Infact by quitting the services of Infact.

I have also gone through the Infact’s Privacy Policy (http://infactapp.co/privacy-policy/) and other contents on its website (http://infactapp.co). So, after going through all, I accept the terms and conditions stated above.